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Welcome to Stroll South!

This is the chronicle of our one-year motorcycle stroll through North, Central and South America. The adventure began on two BMW F650 motorcycles from Denver, Colorado on September 16, 2005. map of North and South America, tracking progress of Tom and Lynne's tripThe trip is nick-named "The Stroll" because we decided to keep our pace relatively slow along the road less traveled. The hope is that by letting our adventure unfold one day at a time we'll leave ourselves open to lots of detours along the way.

The original spark for this trip was the movie Motorcycle Diaries - based on the travels of two young Argentines, Ernesto Guevara and Alberto Granado, who set out on a road trip via motorcycle to discover the real Latin America. Three days after seeing this movie our "Stroll South" preliminary plans were in place.

Equally as inspiring to us as we planned for the trip were the many present-day world motorcycle travelers who graciously shared their insights, experiences and encouragement so that we could realize our dream. These people - as well as our family and friends - have helped in many ways, and we're forever grateful.

This site is our way to keep in touch with these friends and to begin to "pay forward" their generocities. Through our words and photographs, we hope to encourage someone else to stretch their horizons and move past what is comfortable.

So peruse through Tom's journal and enjoy my photos - and let us hear from you if you're so inclined. The ride is on!

Tom & Lynne